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Benzinga Growth Investor Alert:

Our proprietary 10-pt system shows 6 newly identified stocks which could return 100%+ in the coming months

Benzinga Growth Investor Alert:

Our proprietary 10-pt system shows 6 newly identified stocks which could return 100%+ in the coming months

When you join Benzinga Growth Investor today, we’ll send you 6 brand-new stock picks – directly to your email inbox or smartphone – recently identified as having massive triple-digit upside potential in 2022.

Every pick was hand selected by Tim Melvin, former Wall Street veteran of more than two decades. Last time Tim was this certain about a handful of stocks… these were the results his followers had the chance to see:
Each of these trades were closed out during the COVID-19 crisis… And today he feels just as confident in his 6 newest picks.

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Tim Melvin's Benzinga Growth Investor: Your hand-picked value investing blueprint with 6 brand-new picks ripe for triple-digit potential starting this year…

Benzinga Growth Investor is a stock picking service, hand curated by lead analyst and 20-year Wall Street Veteran, Tim Melvin.

Tim picks each stock using his own 10-pt value system, deeply rooted in the philosophies & teachings of Wall Street legends Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.

The low-risk high upside potential of this strategy is unmatched.

Similar strategies are extremely sought after by savvy investors…

Legnedary hedge fund manager, Seth Klarman, wrote a book on the subject that sells for more than $3,000 on Amazon…
It’s no wonder why, over the last 8 years, Tim’s delivered followers of his work an incredible 62 consecutive winning trades, 20 of which could have AT LEAST doubled your money.

Furthermore, a stress test of Tim’s 10-pt stock picking system reveals had you followed his work over the last 20 years, you’d have thrashed the returns of the S&P 500 by a factor of more than 3:1.

Today, you have the unique opportunity to claim access to Tim’s work in Benzinga Growth Investor, and immediately take a stake in his newest 6 stocks picks at the all-time low rate of 75% off the normal price.

Plus, if you’re interested, we’re offering anyone who try’s Tim’s work a 30-day hassle-free moneyback guarantee.

In other words: There’s absolutely zero risk or obligation for you to try Tim Melvin’s work and see his newest picks.

Tim says these 6 stocks are the best opportunity you’ll have to potentially see triple-digit wins by the end of 2022… but only for those who take a stake immediately.

All of Tim's in-depth research – including the names and tickers of each stock he says you should buy today – is available to you right now as our newest subscriber to Benzinga Growth Investor.

To get started, all you have to do is click "Subscribe Now" and we'll instantly email you everything you need to know.
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