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And 2 years ago, during the COVID-19 crisis, he joined and made a habit of showing complete beginners how to make money with swing trading…

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  • TLT July 22nd $115 calls
260% profit in 4 days
  • XLE July 29 $72 calls
205% profit in 2 days
  • TQQQ August 12 $36 calls
180% profit in ONE DAY!
  • JNJ August 19 $167.50 calls
115% profit in 4 days
  • XLE August 19 $76 calls
245% profit in 3 days
  • BBBY August 19 $20 puts
314% profit in ONE DAY!
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• If you’re the type who’s going to miss a text message or an email Matt sends directly to you, detailing new buy or sell recommendations… Inner Circle is probably not for you.

• If you’re not interested in learning how calls and puts work from one of the best in the business, Inner Circle won’t be a good fit.

• If you’re looking to see 10x or 20x returns in a few days or weeks… it’s possible… but this service is probably not for you either.

Matt’s Inner Circle trades often show us quick double-digit, or triple-digit returns in a few days or weeks… with the potential for MASSIVE returns on some slightly longer trades.

But we’d hate to disappoint someone looking for 20-baggers and handing them a triple or a double instead.
Remember the list of Matt’s recent trades:

  • TLT July 22nd $115 calls
260% profit in 4 days
  • XLE July 29 $72 calls
205% profit in 2 days
  • TQQQ August 12 $36 calls
180% profit in ONE DAY!
  • JNJ August 19 $167.50 calls
115% profit in 4 days
  • XLE August 19 $76 calls
245% profit in 3 days
  • BBBY August 19 $20 puts
314% profit in ONE DAY!
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