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Product: New-Era Wealth Kit
Price: $1,782

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Here's What You Get Inside

  • Direct access to Matt Maley - Anyone can ask questions about trades and/or strategies. (Typically between 9am-5pm EST every trading day)
  • Starter & Enhanced Newsletters included (Trade alerts via email/SMS)
  • Unique Chat Tabs - (Discussion separate from trading room) for organization and ease to access to picks
  • Gainers/Losers coded feed
  • Weekly Game plan and Recap (Tuesdays at 11:30 ET)
  • Nasdaq Basic (Real Time Quotes)
  • Advanced Newsfeed (Filter by Technical: such as Price, Volume, Float)
  • Real-Time Scanner
  • Unique Chat Tabs - (Discussion separate from trading room) for organization and ease to access to picks
  • Daily Live Trading Room
  • ​Anne Marie Baiynd's Trade Alerts
  • ​Pro Insider Weekly Report
  • 8 Lesson College-Style Courses with Chris Capre
  • Daily Review Sessions with Chris Capre
  • Access to Video Library for recorded live sessions
  • ​Unique Chat Rooms for trade ideas with students & Chris
  • Weekly Options Flow Report by Chris Capre (Every Monday)
  • Full access to Tim Melvin's long-term investing portfolio stock picks
  • Monthly updates and write-ups to talk about changes to the portfolio
  • ​Monthly new stock pick to enter the long-term portfolio
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