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Benzinga’s First-Ever

Emergency Town Hall Meeting

Mark Your Calendar: Wednesday, September 21st, 12pm ET.

Our BEST Actionable Strategies to Protect and Grow Your Money Today

We were spoiled with a 12-year bull market.

Today we’re in a completely new era of investing…

The economy is on the cusp of a recession… stricken with high inflation and rising interest rates.

And if that wasn’t bad enough… The stock market is absolutely imploding.

Americans have lost over $3.4 TRILLION in retirement savings this year.

And now, many people are left wondering exactly what they should do to survive… while standing by watching their money shrink each trading day.

While investor fears are running wild right now...

That doesn’t mean there aren’t fantastic opportunities in the market to substantially increase your wealth AND protect what you already have.

Benzinga has grown to be one of the largest financial news sites in the world, with nearly 25 million monthly readers.

And we believe it’s our responsibility to SHOW you what these opportunities look like, and to help ease the fears of our readers.

So, we put together a panel of our top analysts, who all have different views on the market and diverse strategies to help you profit.

This event is the first of its kind in the 13-year history of our business.

Our analysts are coming together for their first-ever on camera appearance together, to answer some of the most important questions you likely have about the markets today.

And they’ll show you what finding profit opportunities in this new era of investing looks like.

So, mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 21st, at 12pm ET.

This event is 100% unscripted and designed to give you our top analysts raw take on the market...

And exactly what you should do with your money now.

Plus, they’ll reveal their exact strategies and their best trading and investing ideas that you can use today to make a difference to your financial situation no matter what happens next.

Please understand, even though this will be a 100% live event with an active chat room, and we will have plenty of time to answer your questions, we simply cannot give personalized investment advice in this format.

If things are bad for you right now, this event is designed to help you start a new beginning.

Meet Your Expert Panel:

An old Wall Street legend who got his start with Salomon Brothers in the 80s.

You may recognize Matt from TV, sharing his insights on the markets…

He’s been on CNBC, Bloomberg, The Exchange, The Close, and several other financial networks.

Matt believes you shouldn’t be holding stocks forever, and one of the best ways to find profits today is by swing trading.

He’s recently found opportunities for Benzinga readers like 260% on TLT… 205% on XLE… and 314% on BBBY.
A literal neuroscientist, two-time author and CEO of The Trading Book, Anne-Marie spends most of her time off camera, and out of the spotlight.

Instead, you can find her every trading day on our exclusive Benzinga Pro chat room, delivering warnings on the markets, while recommending excellent trading opportunities for our readers, helping them find quick double or triple-digit returns.

Her approach to the market is very hands on. And she credits her understanding of price movement and market emotion to her studies in the field of neuroscience, where she specializes in the vagus nerve.
Tim got his start on Wall Street in the 1980s just after the stock market crash of 1987. He’s been picking winning stocks for well over 30 years now.

We couldn’t be happier with Tim’s market insights and stock picks. As the lead analyst of an investing portfolio for Benzinga readers called Growth Investor, Tim is dedicated to finding the best value stocks available today.

He’s valued every type of business in this market you can think of and from 2013 through 2021, his ability to pick profitable stocks was so spectacular, he went on a 62-pick win streak over 8 years, without booking a single loser.
Chris is a former Wall Street broker and Hedge Fund trader with 22 years of trading experience in stocks, options, forex, commodities, and global indices.

He’s a verified profitable trader who can teach you the skills and strategies to make money trading options in any market.

Chris is also the CEO of his own trading business, 2nd Skies, which has become one of the most well-respected brands out there to date.

it’s now so large he has clients in 168 countries, all over the world.

Chris is currently working towards his PhD in the field of neuroscience.

Meet your event moderator:

Rodrigo Cerda

Rodrigo is an experienced trader specialized in options for U.S. markets.

Prior to Benzinga, Rodrigo was a loan officer at BB&T Corporation where he was recognized as a top performer for the nation-wide bank.

Rodrigo is an alumnus of Louisiana State University in Finance, and his favorite hobby is watching football. He also spent 8 years in corporate finance.